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Gad Avrahami (Hebrew: גד אברהמי) (born 1952 in Kibbutz Shamir)[1] is a composer active in Israel and elsewhere.

Biographical information[edit]

Studied under the Professor of Composition and Music Theory Leon Schidlowsky (active also in graphic multi-media and the fine arts) at the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel Aviv University.[2]

Compositions written by Avrahami have received radio broadcasts in Israel, the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, Turkey and Hong Kong. [1][3] He has stated that his greatest musical influences are Alban Berg, who studied with Arnold Schoenberg (associated with German Expressionism) for six years,[4] and Olivier Messiaen (a person who stated his experiences of synaesthesia influenced his composing activities).[3] In 1997 and also 2005 he received the Israeli Prime Minister award.[5] The award ceremony took place at the Israel Music Conservatory, Tel Aviv, on June 30, 2005.[3]


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