Gadebridge House

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Gadebridge House

Gadebridge House was a country house at Gadebridge in Hertfordshire.


The house was built for Sir Astley Paston Cooper, a surgeon, who moved there in 1811.[1] In around 1840 Cooper commissioned an iron bridge as part of the approach to the site.[2] The house passed down the Paston-Cooper family until it became Gadebridge Park School in 1914.[1] Although the site accommodated a temporary army camp during World War I, the house remained a school until 1963 when the school was forced out of its premises by the Commission for New Towns as part of its development of the new town.[3] The house was demolished and Kodak built a Marketing Education Centre on the site: the centre was itself demolished in 1995 and the site is now used for housing.[1]


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Coordinates: 51°45′45″N 0°28′56″W / 51.7625°N 0.4822°W / 51.7625; -0.4822