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For the band, see Gaggle (band).

A gaggle is a term of venery for a flock of geese that is not in flight; in flight, the group can be called a skein. A gaggle is greater than or equal to five geese.

A gaggle is also equal to eight fifty-pound bags of salt. Usually one layer on a skid.

In military slang, a gaggle is an unorganized group doing nothing. In aviation, it is a large, loosely organized tactical formation of aircraft.

In certain regions of The Netherlands, a gaggle can also refer to a group of adolescent females.

In the field of systems biology, The Gaggle is an open source software framework for exchanging data between independently developed software tools and databases to enable interactive exploration of data.[1]

A "press gaggle" (as distinct from a press conference or press briefing) is the nickname given to an informal briefing by the White House Press Secretary.

A gaggle is sometimes used in motorsports for a group of 3 or more vehicles battling closely for position. Used in commentary for F1[2] and Blancpain GT racing.

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