Gai dimanche

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Gai dimanche
Directed by Jacques Berr
Jacques Tati
Written by Jacques Tati
Starring Rhum
Jacques Tati
Release date
  • 1935 (1935)
Running time
22 minutes
Country France
Language French

Gai dimanche (English: Fun Sunday)[1] is a 1935 three reel film written by and starring Jacques Tati and his friend Rhum. The pair star as down-and-outs who try to generate funds by providing an impromptu leisure tour in a rickety bus they wrangle use of for free. Released in 1935 and rarely seen today, the film offers brief glimpses and hints towards methods Tati would begin to perfect in his films more than a decade later. The short was included in the Criterion Collection's "The Complete Jacques Tati" box set, in a disc containing several short films that Tati either directed or starred in.[2][3][1]


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