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Gaia Earth Sciences Limited
Industry Oil & Gas
Founded 2003, Scotland by Stuart Huyton
Headquarters Elgin, Scotland
Products Consulting Services

Gaia Earth Sciences Limited is a privately owned petrophysics consulting company based in the United Kingdom[1] offering services to the international upstream oil & gas industry.[2] It is a sustaining member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain[3] and a sponsor of the London Petrophysical society [4] and the Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society.[5]


The company was founded in 2003 by Stuart Huyton and now operates in over fifty countries worldwide with a group of twenty-five consultants.

The headquarters are in North East Scotland near to the village of Cummingston.


  • Wireline log QA/QC is the process by which the quality of acquisition and data is controlled during Wireline (cabling) logging operations in oil wells and gas wells.
  • Formation evaluation is the method by which the data acquired during wireline logging are processed and evaluated to produce results which allow an estimation of oil or gas in place, amongst other things.


In 2012, Gaia Earth Sciences was awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise[6][7] in International Trade. This is the United Kingdom's most prestigious award for business performance.


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