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Gaidar is a name in Russian, Azerbaijani and Arabic.

  • Russian surname (Russian Гайда́р), a pseudonym of Arkady Gaidar which was taken as a last name by his descendants:
    • Arkady Gaidar (real name Arkady Golikov, 1904–1941), Soviet writer of children's stories.
      • His son (Timur Gaidar) published two versions of the pseudonym's origin[1]:
        1. This an abbreviation of French "Golikov Arkady d ' Arsamas", which means "Golikov, Arkady from Arzamas".
        2. Arkady took the name Gaidar from a Khakas language word meaning going first, the leader.
    • Timur Gaidar (1926–1999), Soviet admiral, Arkady's son
    • Yegor Gaidar (1956–2009), former acting Prime Minister of Russia, Timur's son
    • Maria Gaidar (born 1982), Russian activist of the political youth movement "DA!", daughter of Yegor Gaidar

See also[edit]

  • Azerbaijani given name (Azerbaijani Heydər, Гейдар), now more commonly transliterated as Heydar:
  • Arabic name (Arabic حيدر ), another form of (حيدرة), meaning Lion in Arabic: see Haydar.
  • Gaidar is also the name of a commune and village in Gagauzia, Moldova
  • Gaydar (disambiguation)