Gail Colson

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Gail Colson
OccupationMusic manager
OrganizationGailforce Management Ltd.

Gail Colson is a retired music manager, whose company Gailforce Management Ltd. represented clients including Peter Gabriel, The Pretenders and Peter Hammill.[1]

Colson initially worked as personal assistant to the record producer, Shel Talmy,[2] then joined Tony Stratton-Smith at Charisma Records, as label manager and joint managing director. She left to form her own company in the late 1970s.

She sat on the advisory board of MMF, the "Music Managers Forum".

Her other clients included Random Hold, whose first album was produced by Hammill at her instigation, and the record producer, Stephen Street.[1]

Hammill has stated that:[3]

Gail and I never had a contract. Everything has been on the basis of trust


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