Galaga Remix

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Galaga Remix
Galaga Remix logo.png
Developer(s) Namco Bandai
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Distributor(s) Apple
Platform(s) Apple iOS
Release 2009
Genre(s) Shooter
Mode(s) Single-player

Galaga Remix is an iOS game based on Galaga released in 2009 by Namco Bandai games, is mainly a port of Galaga Arrangement from Namco Museum Battle Collection for the PlayStation Portable, but with the multiplayer features removed, and it is called Galaga Remix instead of Arrangement. The original game is also included. This game has graphics remixed and adapted to the iPhone/iPod Touch screen.[citation needed]


Gaming website IGN gave the game a 7.5 praising it for having the same old addictive game while adding a brand new one on top of that.[1]