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Galacteon and his wife Episteme at Emesa (Menologion of Basil II).jpg

Saint Galation or Galaction was supposedly a martyr with his wife, Episteme, whom he converted. The story is that he was the son of Saints Clitaphon and Leucippe, and that he became a hermit, while Episteme joined a community of virgins. Both went away to the mountain of Publion, Galaction to a men's monastery and Episteme to a women's. They did not leave their monasteries, and neither saw the other until the time of their death. A fierce persecution arose, and they were both brought to trial. When Galation was martyred under Decius at Emesa (now Homs, Syria) on 251 AD, Episteme went to his side and died with him. His feast day is November 5.[1]


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