Gamka River

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Gamka River
Gamka River is located in South Africa
Gamka River
Location of the Olifants River mouth
EtymologyFrom "lion" in the Khoisan language
CountrySouth Africa
StateWestern Cape Province
Physical characteristics
SourceNorth of Beaufort West
 ⁃ coordinates32°11′S 22°35′E / 32.183°S 22.583°E / -32.183; 22.583
 ⁃ elevation1,400 m (4,600 ft)
MouthGourits River
 ⁃ coordinates
33°40′55″S 21°42′58″E / 33.68194°S 21.71611°E / -33.68194; 21.71611Coordinates: 33°40′55″S 21°42′58″E / 33.68194°S 21.71611°E / -33.68194; 21.71611
 ⁃ elevation
516 m (1,693 ft)

Gamka River (Afrikaans: Gamkarivier) is a river located in the Western Cape, South Africa. The name 'Gamka' means 'Lion' and was probably named so by the San people (Bushmen). The river originates north of Beaufort West, generally flowing southwest towards the Gamkapoort Dam.

The main tributaries of the Gamka River, are the Dwyka River, Koekemoers River and Leeuw River which rise in the Great Karoo, converge and flow southwards through the Swartberg Mountains. The Olifants River joins the Gamka River south of Calitzdorp. Together these become the Gourits River.[1]

The Gamka River flows from the North East of the Gamka Dam and the Dwyka River from the North West. Both rivers flow into the Gamka Dam from there the Gamka river flows south and becomes the Gourits River at Calitzdorp, where it flows past the similarly named mountains Gamkaberg.

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