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Ganweriwala is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 28°30′N 71°04′E / 28.500°N 71.067°E / 28.500; 71.067Coordinates: 28°30′N 71°04′E / 28.500°N 71.067°E / 28.500; 71.067
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
Time zone Pakistan Standard Time (UTC+5)

Ganweriwala (Urdu: گنےریوالاPunjabi: گنیریوالا) is an Indus Valley Civilization site in Punjab, Pakistan.[1]


Ganweriwala is situated near the Indian border on the dry river bed of the Ghaggar-Hakra (also called the Sarasvati River), now a part of vast desert. It is spread over 80 hectares and comparable in size with the largest sites of the Indus Valley Civilization, such as Mohenjo-daro. But it is not excavated and only identified and it may turn up as top five largest towns of Indus Valley Civilisation.[2]

Significant finds[edit]

Although excavation is yet to begin in this site, a stray find of a terrecotta tablet is a significant find. In this seal, a cross legged person (suggested as yogic posture) and a kneeling person below a tree and upon a tree are depicted.[3] Such kneeling persons on tree, particularly in front of a tiger like animal, are shown in tablets or seals found at Harappa (H 163 a), Mohenjadaro (M 309 a) and Kalibangan (K 49a).[3]


It is equidistant from Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, situated in between these two ancient cities. In this aspect, the excavation may provide more information about this ancient civilisation.[2]

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