Gangsta Blues

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Gangsta Blues
Studio album by Tanya Stephens
Released March 30, 2004
Recorded 2001-2004 (Tarantula Studios (Tanya's home), Anchor Recording Studios, 321 Recording Studio, Digital B & Steven Stanley Recording Studios)
Genre Dancehall, Reggae, Hip hop, Pop rock, Lovers rock, Political Reggae
Length 61:56
Label VP/Tarantula Records
Producer Andrew Henton, Barry O'Hare, Neil Amos, Romain "Sherkhan" Chiffre, Tanya Stephens, Mr. Doo, Philip "Fatis" Burrell, Louis "Flabba" Malcolm, Anthony Senior, Boris Silvera, Steven Stanley, Digital B
Tanya Stephens chronology
''Gangsta Blues''
Singles from Gangsta Blues
  1. "It's A Pity"
    Released: December 22, 2003
  2. "Can't Breath"
    Released: June 12, 2006


Gangsta Blues is the fifth studio album by Jamaican recording artist Tanya Stephens. This album was probably the most politically driven album with tracks like "What A Day", "The Other Cheek" and "Sound of My Tears".[citation needed] The album also has a lovers rock feel to it (as is common in Tanya's albums) with songs such as "Good Ride" and "It's a Pity" (with the latter giving her international success).[citation needed]


Recording for the album took place in-between 2001 and 2004. It was recorded across various recording studios in Jamaica and America. Production came from her longtime life partner Andrew Henton among many others including Neil Amos, Romain "Sherkhan" Chiffre, Mr. Doo, Philip "Fatis" Burrell, Steven Stanley, and Digital B, with writing coming from Tanya herself on every track, Andrew on most plus a lot of other writers throughout the album. The general topics covered on Gangsta Blues range from government, the current quality of modern music, love & politics.

Track listing[edit]

Track listing
1."Intro"V. Stephenson, A. Henton01:14
2."Way Back"V. Stephenson, A. Henton05:17
3."Boom Wuk"V. Stephenson, A. Henton04:01
4."Damn" (Skit)V. Stephenson, A. Henton02:21
5."Good Ride"V. Stephenson, C. Lawrence, R. Myrie03:54
6."Little White Lie"V. Stephenson, A. Henton03:47
7."It's A Pity"V. Stephenson, P, Baigorry, J. Bugnon, L. Topp04:15
8."Tek Him Back"V. Stephenson, C. Dodd03:38
9."I Am Woman" (Cover)H. Reddy, R. Burton01:44
10."This Is Love" (ft. Wyclef Jean)V. Stephenson, E. Gotthard, W. Jean04:26
11."Gangsta Gal" (ft. Spragga Benz)V. Stephenson, A. Henton, C. Grant03:54
12."What's Your Story"V. Stephenson, A. Henton03:52
13."Can't Breathe"V. Stephenson, A. Henton, M. Miller04:12
14."Sound Of My Tears"V. Stephenson, A. Henton04:05
15."The Other Cheek" (Samples "Don't Need the Sun to Shine (to Make Me Smile)" by Gabrielle)V. Stephenson, A. Henton03:57
16."What A Day"V. Stephenson, M. Chin03:22
17."We A Lead"V. Stephenson, A. Henton03:57
Total length:61:56


Kelefa Sanneh of The New York Times described the music as "acoustic-guitar laments and joyful digital dancehall", and in Sanneh's view the album is "full of witty reggae protest songs".[2] Vibe's Rob Kenner regarded it as Stephens' best album to date.[3] Allmusic writer Rick Anderson gave it two and half stars out of five, describing the rhythms as "expert but not exactly revelatory ", and the lyrics "mostly a predictable mix of defensive braggadocio and by-the-numbers slackness", but picking out "Little White Lie", "What's Your Story", and "It's a Pity" for particular praise.[4]

Chart History[edit]



  • Writers - V. Stephenson, C. Grant, W. Jean, A. Henton, C. Lawrence, R. Myrie, P Baigorry, J. Buggon, L. Topp, C. Dodd, H. Reddy, R. Burton, E. Getthard, H. Seaton
  • Producers - Dave Kelly, Tony Kelly, Andrew Henton, Barry O'Hare, Neil Amos, Romain "Sherkhan" Chiffre, Tanya Stephens, Mr. Doo, Phillip 'Fattis' Burrell, Louis "Flabba" Malcolm, Anthony Senior, Boris Silvera, Steven Stanley, Digiteal B
  • Editing & Mixing - Paul Shields of VP Records
  • Cover Art photography - William Richards
  • Cover Art design - Kerry DeBruce
  • Publishing - VP Records, Tarantula Records, Warner/Chappell, STB Music, Topp Entertainment, Jamrec Music

Please note[edit]

  • Information such as Writers & Personnel is taken directly from the CD inlay.


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