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Gangster Ka
Gangster Ka Poster.jpg
Movie Poster
Directed byJan Pachl
Produced byAdam Dvořák
Written byJaroslav Kmenta
Jan Pachl
StarringHynek Čermák
Music byTadeáš Věrčák
Edited byAdam Dvořák
Distributed byBioscop
Release date
  • September 10, 2015 (2015-09-10) (Czech Republic)
(part 1)
  • November 26, 2015 (2015-11-26) (Czech Republic)
(part 2)
Running time
100 Minutes (part 1)
100 Minutes (part 2)
CountryCzech Republic
Budget50 Million CZK[1]
Box office$815,687 (part 1)
$527,410 (part 2)[2]

Gangster Ka is a 2015 Czech action thriller.[3] It stars Hynek Čermák as Radim Kraviec a fictionalised version of Radovan Krejčíř. It was directed by Jan Pachl. The film is divided into two parts. Part one premiered on 10 September 2015 while second part (known as Gangster Ka: African) premiered on 26 November 2015. The film is based on the novel Padrino Krejčíř by Jaroslav Kmenta. Kmenta's works previously served as a basis for a similar film Story of a Godfather.[4]

The film draws inspiration in political controversies of Czech politics. One of characters is a corrupt politician Klein who becomes a Prime Minister. He is inspired by Stanislav Gross.[5]

Cast and characters[edit]

  • Hynek Čermák as Radim Kraviec alias "Káčko" - The eponymous Gangster Ka and the protagonist of film. He leads a gang of Albanian criminals and gains an influence on politics. Čermák described him as "partial psychopath and partial coward." He is inspired by Radovan Krejčíř[6]
  • Vlastina Svátková as Sandra - Káčko's wife. She is a naive woman who falls in loved with Kraviec and marries him. She doesn't leave him even after he abuses her because she wants to keep their family and is dependent on Káčko.[7]
  • Predrag Bjelac as Dardan Cirkel, the Albanian - Albanian criminal who is a Káčko's close associate and friend. He is more sympathetic than Káčko and sometimes tries to warn him that he went too far.[8]
  • Filip Čapka as Jan Lánský - A principled Policeman who investigates Káčko and tries to get him arrested. He serves as the main antagonist of the film. Káčko tries to bribe him and sends him 3 million crowns which Lánský rejects.[9]
  • Alexej Pyško as Sivák - A mobster and Milota's right hand and eventual successor. He becomes associated with Káčko.
  • Jaromír Hanzlík as Kraviec senior - Káčko's father and honest man who is disappointed in what has Káčko become.
  • Miroslav Etzler as Vratislav Milota - A Mobster inspired by František Mrázek.
  • Tomáš Jeřábek as Milan Klein - A corrupt politician who becomes a Prime Minister thanks to Káčko. He later tries to get rid of Káčko. He is inspired by Stanislav Gross.
  • Zdeněk Žák as Hakl - An old Policeman who helps Lánský.
  • Ján Lašák as Polanecký - A civic attorney who defends Kraviec at court.
  • Jan Révai as Budy - Káčko's associate who betrays him.
  • Brian Caspe as John Greengrass - South African criminal associated with Balbeek. He befriends Káčko and helps him in South Africa. He becomes Káčko's associate.
  • Bob Beaudreault as Cyril Balbeek alias Uncle Cyril - South African mob boss
  • Peter Hosking as Dr. Martier - Seychellois politician who has ties to Káčko.


The first part follows Káčko during his criminal career in the Czech Republic. Káčko is a gangster in Ostrava who is known for that he doesn't kill his rivals but has them shot in leg. He decides that Ostrava is too small for him and departs to Prague. Prague criminal world is dominated by Milota and Sivák. Káčko starts a business with them and steals them 260 million crowns as a result. Milota decides to not revenge yet. Káčko then gains more influence and earns millions crowns during variable frauds and plans to overtake Čepro company which owns all fuel resources in the country. This plan fails when he is betrayed by one of his associates. Káčko is arrested and taken in custody awaiting trial. Milota and Sivák use it to revenge and try to steal money from his accounts. This fails because Káčko gave pin codes to his father and account numbers to his pregnant wife Sandra. Káčko's father dies during torture but doesn't give those codes. Sandra who was abducted by Sivák is then released but loses the baby as a result an abduction. Káčko is released from custody thanks to a murder of an investigator and thanks to his lawyer. He leaves the prison as a different person and decides for revenge against Milota. He decides to spare Sivák because he was just obeying Milota's orders. Káčko gives Sivák a list of people he is supposed to murder. Sivák kill people on the list one by one and gains a nickname "Butcher". Klein meanwhile tries to negotiate more money from Káčko but Káčko slaps him and threatens to destroy him if he doesn't obey. Klein is scared and asks Milota for help. Milota has materials that can be used as evidence of Káčko's crimes. He gives the material to Lánský an investigator who wants to get Káčko behind bars. Police raids Káčko's mansion and arrest him but Káčko escapes when he asks for toilet. Káčko then flees from the Czech Republic. Milota is meanwhile murdered on Klein's orders.


Káčko escapes to Seychelles where he only drinks and lies on a Sunshine. Meanwhile, Sivák takes over Milota's business and starts to work with Klein. Klein wants to get Káčko back to the Czech Republic because Káčko has evidence that can compromise Klein. Lánský starts to investigate Klein but his wife is killed in a murder attempt ordered by Klein which devastates him. Lánský starts reopening his investigation of Káčko. Káčko at the time "sobered up" and made money on selling imported Toilet Paper in Seychelles. Káčko becomes influential in Seychellois politics and helps local politician Dr. Martier during his campaign with hope of getting Seychellois citizenship. Lánský organizes another plan to take down Káčko and puts agents on him. Agents are later revealed and Káčko angrily reveals his association with Klein to media which leads to fall of government. Káčko then moves to South Africa because his friend Darda starts to work with Lánský. Káčko gains a fuhgitive status in South Africa and creates connections in South African crime world. He forms a business partnership with local mob boss Uncle Cyril. Káčko later murders Cyril and takes over his place. Káčko becomes the most powerful mobster in South Africa but starts to have problem with public and is threatened by possible loss of fugitive status which would lead to his extradition to the Czech Republic. Káčko decides to sell drugs which is against his principles. His plan to sell drugs in Australia fail when his associate John Greengrass betrays him and drugs are stolen by Pakistani mafia. Káčko then leads group of criminals in Pakistani quarter with intention to get drugs back. It results in shootout and Dardan is shot and dies which strucks Káčko. Káčko is arrested when Lánský gets a map that marks graves of Kraviec's victims. Lánský tells Kraviec during the investigation that Kraviec's family returns to the Czech Republic but he can't assure their safety against Sivák. Kraviec has Sivák killed to protect his son and wife. The film concludes with Kraviec facing trial for his crimes.


The first part has received mostly positive reviews. Its aggregated score is 64% from critical reviews according to Kinobox.[10] Věra Míšková called Gangster Ka an average film but praised performances of Čermák and Bjelac. Míšková criticised film to be too complex and trying to show too much.[11] Mirka Spáčilová praised characters of Káčko and Dardan. She also praised the thrill and final part of film. She criticised the film for too many explanation parts and for character of Klein.[12]

Slovak server Film Kult voted Gangster Ka 10th best Czech-Slovak film of 2010-2015 period.[3]


The second part was also met with positive reviews. its aggregated score is 71%.[13] Věra Míšková rated the second part more positively. She called it more entertaining than the first part. She praised the addition of humor and thrill. Míšková also noted performances of actors especially Čermák and Bjelac.[14] Spáčilová praised characters of Káčko and Dardan eventhough criticised inner commentaries. She also praised Čermák's performance in Káčko's role.[15]


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