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United Kingdom Gardiner Conference
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The Gardiner Conference is one of two conferences in the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL).
League Elite Ice Hockey League
Sport Ice Hockey
Founded 2012
No. of teams 5
Most recent United Kingdom Gardiner Conference champion(s) Braehead Clan

The Gardiner Conference is one of two conferences in the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) and comprises five teams. Its counterpart is the Erhardt Conference. It is named after former Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Charlie Gardiner and was introduced for the 2012–13 EIHL season. The Gardiner Conference Championship is played for over 32 regular season games, each team playing the other four teams eight times (four home and four away). The winner receives the Gardiner Trophy and is seeded in the top three (the exact seed dependent on the overall League Championship final standings) for the end-of-season Elite League Play-Offs. These 32 games also make up the total of 52 regular season games which decide the overall League Champions of the Elite Ice Hockey League.[1]


Braehead Clan Scotland Glasgow Braehead Arena 3,750
Dundee Stars Scotland Dundee Dundee Ice Arena 2,400
Edinburgh Capitals Scotland Edinburgh Murrayfield Ice Rink 3,800
Fife Flyers Scotland Kirkcaldy Fife Ice Arena 2,414
Manchester Storm England Altrincham Silver Blades Ice Rink Altrincham 2,100

Former Teams[edit]

| Hull Stingrays ||England Hull || Hull Arena ||align=center| 3,150


2012-13 Braehead Clan Fife Flyers
2013-14 Dundee Stars Hull Stingrays
2014-15 Braehead Clan Fife Flyers
2015-16 Braehead Clan Fife Flyers


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