Gare de Besançon-Viotte

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Besançon-Viotte SNCF
Gare Besançon.jpg
Besançon-Viotte railway station
Location Besançon, Doubs, Franche-Comté,  France
Coordinates 47°14′49″N 6°1′19″E / 47.24694°N 6.02194°E / 47.24694; 6.02194Coordinates: 47°14′49″N 6°1′19″E / 47.24694°N 6.02194°E / 47.24694; 6.02194
Line(s) Dole–Belfort railway
Besançon–Le Locle railway
Besançon-Viotte-Vesoul railway
Platforms 8
Opened 1855
TER and TGV trains at Viotte

Besançon-Viotte is the main railway station located in Besançon, Doubs, eastern France. The station was opened in 1855 and is located on the Dole–Belfort railway, Besançon–Le Locle railway and Besançon-Viotte-Vesoul railway. The train services are operated by SNCF. Besançon Franche-Comté TGV is a high speed station located 10km north of Besançon.

Train services[edit]

From Besançon-Voitte train services depart to major French cities such as: Paris, Dijon, Montbéliard, Belfort, Mulhouse, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille.

International services operate to Switzerland: La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Train services[edit]

  • High speed services (TGV) Paris - Dijon - Besançon
  • High speed services (TGV) Marseille / Montpellier - Lyon - Bourg-en-Bresse - Besançon - Belfort-Montbéliard TGV - Mulhouse - Strasbourg
  • Shuttle services (TER Franche-Comté) Besançon - Besançon TGV
  • Regional services (TER Franche-Comté) Besançon - Mouchard - Lons-le-Saunier - Bourg-en-Bresse - Lyon
  • Regional services (TER Franche-Comté) Besançon - Mouchard - St Claude
  • Regional services (TER Franche-Comté) Besançon - Montbéliard - Belfort
  • Regional services (TER Franche-Comté) Besançon - Dole - Dijon
  • Regional services (TER Franche-Comté) Besançon - Morteau - La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • Bus services (TER) Besançon - Vesoul
  • Bus services (TER) Besançon - Gray
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