Gare de Cerbère

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Cerbère station

Gare de Cerbère is the railway station serving the border town Cerbère, Pyrénées-Orientales department, southern France. It is connected to the Portbou railway station in Spain.

The following services currently call at Cerbère:

  • intercity services (Téoz) Paris - Vierzon - Limoges - Toulouse - Narbonne - Cerbère
  • night services (Lunéa) Paris - Limoges - Narbonne - Portbou
  • night services (Lunéa) Strasbourg/Luxembourg - Nîmes - Narbonne - Portbou
  • local service (TER Languedoc-Roussillon) Portbou - Perpignan - Narbonne
  • local service (Rodalies de Catalunya) Barcelona - Portbou - Cerbère (Outbound service only from Barcelona)

Historically, the station was also served by the Catalan Talgo service from Montpellier to Barcelona and the Talgo from Montpellier to Murcia, which changed gauge at Portbou, and the Estrella Costa Brava sleeper train from Madrid (on the Iberian gauge track).

Preceding station   SNCF   Following station
toward Montpellier
toward Cartagena
Intercités Terminus
night trains
night trains
toward Narbonne
TER Languedoc-Roussillon 5
Preceding station   Rodalies de Catalunya símbol.svg Rodalies de Catalunya   Following station
Terminus R11


Coordinates: 42°26′35″N 3°9′49″E / 42.44306°N 3.16361°E / 42.44306; 3.16361