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Kang Gary.jpg
Kang Gary in 2011
Background information
Native name 강희건
Born (1978-02-24) February 24, 1978 (age 38)
South Korea
Genres Hip hop
Instruments Rapping
Years active 1996–present
Associated acts
Hangul 개리
Revised Romanization Gaeri
McCune–Reischauer Kaeri
Birth name
Hangul 강희건
Revised Romanization Gang Huigeon
McCune–Reischauer Kang Hŭigŏn
This is a Korean name; the family name is Kang.

Kang Hee-gun (born February 24, 1978),[1] better known by his stage name Gary (Korean: 개리, often spelled as Garie[2]), is a South Korean rapper. Besides a solo artist, he is also the rapper and lyricist of the hip-hop duo Leessang. Since their formation in 2002, the group has produced a total of eight albums and had several hits under their belt. In 2014, Gary made his debut as a solo artist with the mini-album Mr.Gae. Despite the album being banned by all major TV broadcast stations for its 19+ content, his songs still managed to top several charts.[3] He and long time collaborator Jung In later went on to form the duo, Jung In & Gary. The two released the singles "Your Scent" and "Bicycle."[4][5]

Aside from his own work, Gary has been featured in works by many famous artists such as Psy, Baek Ji Young, Lee Hyori, Dynamic Duo, and MC Mong. He is also currently a cast member of the variety show Running Man.[6]


Gary was born on February 24, 1978. His nickname in middle school was "Gae" (meaning "dog" in Korean), which he adapted to become his stage name, after deciding between "gaemi" (ant) and "Gary". In his younger years, he was more interested in dancing than rapping.[7] Gary revealed that he participated in a dance competition and actually won, defeating other competitors, Jang Woo Hyuk and Moon Hee Jun, who eventually became members of H.O.T. Lee Soo Man scouted all three boys, and offered them a contract to SM Entertainment. Ultimately, Gary rejected the offer.[8]

Gary went to Yong In University and trained as a bodyguard.[citation needed] He was an amateur boxer for 10 years.[9]

Musical career[edit]

X-Teen & Honey Family[edit]

In 1997, Gary joined X-Teen, a hip-hop group where he met his future Leessang partner, Gil. Gary participated in the group's album release in 1998 before being dropped along with Gil.[10] In an interview, Gary said they had neither the look or the talent which made them quit the group.[11]

Afterwards, Gary and Gil ended up joining "Honey Family" and released two albums in 1999 and 2000. Gary took part of the responsibility for the break up of the group by stating that he "started feeling like a celebrity" after their initial success.[11] Gary, Gil, and fellow Honey Family member Diggity decided to form "Leessam Trio ("sam" means three in Korean)". They released a compilation album called 2000 Korea, in the year 2000. When Diggity left the group, Gary and Gil changed the name to LeeSsang.[12]


Main article: Leessang

Leessang was created in 2002 by Gary and Gil. So far, the group has produced 8 albums with numerous hits. Although the duo achieve critical success from their earlier albums, they remained underground. Their last three albums, Hexagonal, Asura Balbalta, and Unplugged broke numerous records and guided their entry to the mainstream Korean music industry.[13][14] The title song from Asura Balbalta, "Turn Off the TV" managed to stay at the top of the Melon chart for 25 days in a row.[11]

Solo Debut[edit]

In January 2014 he released a mini album, Mr.Gae.[15] Three major TV broadcast stations, MBC, KBS, and SBS, all deemed the album unfitting for broadcast, stating reasons such as explicit lyrics and being too sexually provocative. Despite the ban, Gary‘s title track “Shower Later” clenched the number 1 spot on 8 real-time music charts.[16]

Gary later commented on the ban saying that he felt confined by his image and wanted to break the mold.

Collaboration With Jung-In[edit]

In May 2014, Gary and Jung-in released their first collaboration "Your Scent." The lyrics was penned by Gary while Jung-In and Duble Sidekick produced the music.[17] Despite not having any live promotions, Gary and Jung-In took the win on June 7 Music Core. In a testament to its popularity, the Gaon Chart ranked the single #6 on the year end national digital single ranking.[18] The two later released their second collaboration "Bicycle" in September 2014.[19]

Second Solo Album[edit]

In September 2015, Gary released his second solo album, 2002. The title track of the album is "Get Some Air" featuring Mi-woo of Leessang Company. Several other tracks in this album also featured Koonta, Deepflow, Skull, Jay Park, DJ Pumpkin, Park Myung-ho Double K, Don Mills, Jung-in, John Park and Young-jun of Brown Eyed Souls.

Collaboration with Gaeko[edit]

In January 2016, Gary released a single, "Lonely Night" featuring Gaeko of Dynamic Duo. A music video was released on the same day, featuring actress and fellow cast mate of Running Man, Song Ji-hyo. Gary was nominated as a no.1 candidate on SBS Inkigayo on January 10, 2016 and subsequently won the award.


In 2010, Gary joined Running Man as co-host, an urban variety show, along with 6 other cast members, including Yoo Jae-suk, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo and Song Ji-hyo. He also had a cameo on the movie Wonderful Radio, and in February 2014 on Emergency Couple.[20]


Main article: Leessang discography


  • Mr.Gae (2014)



  • "Your Scent" (사람냄새) with Jung-in (May 27, 2014)
  • "Bicycle" (자전거) with Jung-in (September 1, 2014)
  • "Lonely Night" (또 하루) with Gaeko (December 31, 2015)
  • "Mei Guan Xi (It's Okay)" ( 沒關係) (May 14, 2016)


Year Artist Song
2002 Brown Eyes I Wanna Fall in Love With You
2004 Kim Bum Soo About Eternity
2005 BMK Rainbow
Dynamic Duo It's Alright
Eun Ji Won Gotta Go
2006 Jang Hye Jin Firework
2009 Fly to the Sky Hide and Seek
2010 Lee Hyori Swing
Kim Jong Kook Come Back to Me
Dynamic Duo Keep The Change
2011 Primary Happy Ending
2012 Miryo Party Rock
Baek Ji Young Voice
C-Luv, Crush Where Do You Wanna Go?
Kim Jong Kook Words I Want to Say to You
Haha, Taw Love
2013 Jung In Let's Walk a Little
2014 MC Mong Broken Fan
2015 Young Jun Thinking of You
2016 Park Myung Ho Bed Room
San E Like An Airplane

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2002 Mnet Music Video Festival Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Leessang Won
2003 Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Nominated
2005 Korean Music Awards Hip-Hop Song of the Year Nominated
2007 Mnet/KM Music Awards Hip-Hop Song of the Year Nominated
Music Video of the Year Nominated
Song of the Year Nominated
2007 Cyworld Digital Music Awards Song of the Month Won
2009 Best Collaboration of the Year Won
MIAK Golden Disc Awards Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Nominated
Album of the Year Nominated
Mnet Asian Music Awards Music Video of the Year Nominated
Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Won
2010 4th SBS Entertainment Award Variety New Star Award Running Man Won
Cyworld Digital Music Awards Bonsang Leessang Won
Cyworld Digital Music Awards Best Collaboration of the Year Won
2011 MelOn Music Awards Top 10 Artists Won
Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Rap Performance Won
2012 5th SBS Entertainment Award Excellence Award in Variety Running Man Won
2013 NATE Awards Best Couple with Song Ji-hyo Won
7th SBS Entertainment Awards Best Couple Award with Song Ji-hyo Nominated
Melon Music Awards Rap/Hip-Hop Award Leessang – "Tears"
(Korean: 눈물)
MelOn Music Awards Song of the Year Nominated
2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Rap Performance "Shower Later" Nominated
Best Collaboration with Jung-in "Your Scent" Nominated
Singapore Entertainment Awards OMY Hot Star with Song Ji-hyo[21][22] Nominated
2nd Annual DramaFever Awards Best Kiss with Song Ji-hyo Running Man Won
Best Couple Not Meant To Be with Song Ji-hyo Nominated
2015 2014 Youku Night Awards Entertainment Spirit Award[23] Won
Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Rap Performance[24] "Get Some Air"
(Korean: 바람이나 좀 쐐)
UnionPay Song of the Year[25] Nominated
9th SBS Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award in Variety with Song Ji-hyo[26] Running Man Won

Music programs[edit]

Show! Music Core[edit]

Year Date Song
2014 June 7 Your Scent


Year Date Song
2016 January 10 Lonely Night


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