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Gary E.J. Bold (born 1938, died 3 July 2018[1]) was a New Zealand physicist, as of 2009 a lecturer and Honorary Associate Professor in physics at the University of Auckland.[2] Bold gained a PhD from the University of Auckland, and began lecturing at the university circa 1961. He won the Prime Minister's Supreme Award at the 2004 Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards, which includes a prize of NZD$30,000. [2]


  • Environmental underwater acoustics: Collaborator in the global ATOC project.
  • Signal processing: Application of m sequence modulation, stepped chirps, adaptive filters, to oceanic acoustic transfer function determination.
  • Electronics: The use of PIC and other microprocessors for data recording and experiment control.

Selected publications[edit]

  • C.T. Tindle and G.E.J. Bold: "ATOC and other acoustic thermometry observations in New Zealand", MTS Journal, 33(1), 1999, pp 55 – 60.
  • Gary E.J. Bold, and Murray D. Johns: "Signals for optimum band limited system interrogation with application to underwater acoustics", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 81(4), April 1987, pp 991 – 999.
  • G.E.J. Bold and T.G. Birdsall: "A top-down philosophy for accurate numerical ray tracing", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 80(2), August 1986, pp 656 – 660.
  • Gary E.J. Bold: "Simulation of nonlinear acoustic systems using bilinear transform and higher-order simulators", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 78(5), November 1985, pp 1902–1904.
  • C.T. Tindle and G.E.J. Bold: "Improved ray calculations in shallow water", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 70, 1982, pp 813 – 819.
  • C.T. Tindle, M.K. Guthrie, G.E.J. Bold, T.G. Birdsall et al.: "Measurements of the frequency dependence of normal modes", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 64, number 4, 1978, pp 1178–1185.
  • Gary E.J. Bold: Antipodal HF radio propagation. PhD thesis. 1970
  • G.E.J. Bold: "Power distribution near the antipode of a short-wave transmitter", Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics, 31, 1969, pp 1391–1411.
  • J.M. Dudley and G.E.J. Bold: "Top-down teaching in noncalculus-based introductory Physics classes, American Journal of Physics, 64(4), April 1996.
  • Gary E.J. Bold: "Simple computer network analysis", IEEE Transactions on Education, E-30(2), May 1987, pp 99 – 102. Summary
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