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Gary Rowland Myers (born January 1, 1944) is an American lawyer with a worldwide practice focusing on military law.


Myers attended the University of Delaware where he received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1965.[1] During his time there Myers served as president of his freshman, sophomore, and junior classes and was student body president his senior year.[2]

Myers then attended the Pennsylvania State University - Dickinson School of Law. Gary Myers was on the editorial board of the Dickinson Law Review [3] and was published there as well as in the Journal of the Patent Office Society.[4] He graduated in 1968.[citation needed]


Myers became a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association in 1968 and the District of Columbia Bar in 1972.[citation needed]

After passing the bar, Myers volunteered during the Vietnam period and was a Captain in the Army JAG Corps from 1969-1973.[citation needed]He was among those who participated as defense counsel in the court-martial of Captain Ernest Medina.[5] His work in the My Lai Trials, a result of the My Lai Massacre, was portrayed in the book Medina by Mary McCarthy.[6][7][8]

Following his years in JAG Corps, Myers spent three years as an adjunct professor at the Georgetown Law Center from 1974-1976.[9]

In 1987, in the case of the United States v. Scott, Myers became the first lawyer in American history to use DNA evidence in a military court-martial.[10][11] Cpl. Lindsey Scott was eventually found not-guilty.[12] Myers' work was portrayed in the Ellis Cohen book, Dangerous Evidence, published in 1995.[13] The book later went on to be a made-for-television film.[14][15]

Later, Myers represented clients in the Abu Ghraib Detention Center case stemming from an incident during the Iraq War.[16][17][18] His work in the Abu Ghraib case was recounted in the Philip Zimbardo book, The Lucifer Effect.[19]

Myers also represented Marines in the Haditha Killings, which occurred in 2005.[20][21] Mr. Myers' work in the Haditha case was featured in the PBS documentary, Frontline.[22]

Myers is currently a partner at the Military Law Practice of Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates located in New Hampshire.[23]

Awards and honors[edit]

In 1968, his article, Industrial Protection of Pre-Production Disclosures,[24] earned him the award for the Most Outstanding Law Review Article in the nation in the field of preventive law.

In 1977, the people of the City of Alexandria, Virginia, elected Myers to the Virginia House of Delegates.[25]


Myers resides in Weare, New Hampshire with his wife. He has three children.


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