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Gary Taxali is a Canadian artist known for his cartoon-style illustrations.


Gary Taxali was born in 1968 in Chandigarh, India but was raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His family played a big role in influencing him to pursue art at a young age. Taxali was enrolled in an art class as a child and ended up going to college to get an art degree at the Ontario College of Art. He graduated in 1991 and then began working as an illustrator. Not long after graduating, he started to appear in different exhibits including Luz de Jesus Gallery. Along with his appearances in different galleries, he created The Toy Monkey in 2005. Aside from the routine exhibits, Taxali traveled and lectured at different schools for their art programs, including the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1]

Gary Taxali is still very active in his art career today. He is active in many organizations and is a founding member in several of them including IPA, (The Illustrators’ Partnership of America) and is on the Stamp Advisory Committee for the Canada Post. Also outside from creating his own art, Gary volunteered his time and juried for various student and professional events including The Juno Awards (Screening Committee), The Society of Illustrators, The National Magazine Awards, The Dallas Society of Visual Communications and 3×3: The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration.[2]


Taxali draws inspiration from vintage comics and advertising, producing an assortment of graphic design, street art, and fine art rolled into one. He highlights consumer insecurities of today's society with a comical twist.[3]


  • American Illustration[2]
  • Communication Arts Illustration Annual [2]
  • Society of Illustrators (Gold Medal), Print [2]
  • Society of Publication Designers [2]
  • National Magazine Awards (Gold Medal) [2]
  • Chicago Creative Club [2]
  • The Advertising and Design Club of Canada [2]
  • National Gold Addy [2]
  • Shortlist for a Cannes Lion [2]


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