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The Gascon Rolls are records from the English government of Aquitaine-Gascony and the surrounding area, lasting from to 1273 to 1468. Containing grants of land, oaths of treaties and other important documents, the rolls were originally stored in the Tower of London and Bodleian Library before the start of their publication from the late 19th century.

The rolls are records of the Court of Chancery concerning Aquitaine, and are mainly dated from Bordeaux. This is due to the language used "Aquitaine" and "Gascony" were used to refer to the English possessions in France, even when it included more territory than this and even after Gascony had fallen to the French.[1] Dated from 1242 to 1460,[2] the rolls contain records of grants of land, rent charges, the granting of liberties,[3] oaths of treaties and contracts of marriage.[4] The records were initially stored in the Tower of London and Bodleian Library, with abstracts available in the College of Arms.[5] In the 1840s they were moved to the Public Record Office,[6] and they were finally published in 1885 by Francisque Xavier Michel.[7]

The rolls are considered highly important by historians, with one commentator saying they "possess an unrivalled variety and importance. They are a rich and inexhaustible store of materials for the general history of the two countries and the biography of the persons they notice. Not even the humblest class of the society of the times fails to find a place... they constitute a well-spring of the first order for the history of English administration".[8]


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