Gaspare Campari

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Gaspare Campari.

Gaspare Campari (1828–1882) was an Italian drinks manufacturer.

Born in Cassolnovo, Lombardy,[1] the tenth child of a farmer[2] he was making drinks at the Bass Bar in Castelnouvo by age 14.[3]

During the 1840s Campari sold a bitters-style aperitif throughout Italy,[3] initially under the name Bitter all'Uso d'Holanda.[2] In 1860 he formulated the product today known as Campari.[2] His recipe, which Campari keeps confidential, contained more than 60 natural ingredients including herbs, spices, barks and fruit peels.

In 1862[citation needed] he remarried and settled in Milan, the home of his second wife. He ran a cafe in front of Milan's historic cathedral, the Duomo. He also opened up Cafe Campari nearby[citation needed]. His two sons, Davide and Guido, would go on to take over the business,[2] which would become Davide Campari - Milano and Gruppo Campari.


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