Gaston Albert Gohierre de Longchamps

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Gaston Albert Gohierre de Longchamps (1 March 1842 – 9 July 1906) was a French mathematician.[1]

Gohierre de Longchamps was born on 1 March 1842 in Alençon. He studied at the École Normale Supérieure beginning in 1863, and began a career as a teacher beginning in 1866. He retired from the Lycée Saint-Louis, his final teaching position, in 1897, and died in Paris on 9 July 1906.[1][2]

De Lonchamps was a member of many international scientific societies, and in 1892 became a chevalier of the Legion of Honor.[1] He was the editor of the Journal de mathématiques élémentaires and an associated journal, the Journal de mathématiques spéciales, taking both journals over from their founder J. Bourget.[1][2][3] The de Longchamps point of a triangle is named after him, for his 1886 study that identified this point.[2][4]


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