Gates of Ganja

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Gates of Ganja
Gates of Ganja at Gelati.jpg
Gates of Ganja at Gelati
Location Gelati Monastery, Georgia (country)
Completion date 1063

Gates of Ganja are an example of handicraft arts of Ganja, of the Middle Ages.[1]

Master Ibrahim ibn Osman made these gates, by the order of Shavur I, ruler of the Shaddadids dynasty. External part of iron gates of Ganja fortress was decorated with ornaments and decorations according to chasing method.[2] The master’s name, creation date and some other ligatures (made by blacksmith Ibrahim ibn Osman ibn Ankaveykh, in 495) were marked at the top of the gates with “kufic” script, by the order of Shavur.[3] In 1139, King Demetrius I of Georgia invaded borders of Ganja and captured the city. Georgian army carried Ganja gates off and one of which is saved in Gelati Monastery up to nowadays.[4][5][6]