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Gateway Galactic, Inc.
Industry Aerospace
Founded 2014
Founder Justin Myers
Floyd Richardson III
Headquarters Ames, Iowa, United States
Key people
Justin Myers (Chairman&CEO)
Floyd Richardson III (CTO)

Gateway Galactic, Inc. was formed in 2014 in Ames, Iowa and is an aerospace company with the goal to reduce the cost of commercial spaceflight, and is currently developing an orbital propellant depot, Antaios. Gateway Galactic was founded by Justin Myers and Floyd Richardson, who currently operate as the company's key executives.


Antaios is a propellant depot currently in development by Gateway Galactic, Inc. The name Antaios is an indirect reference to Anti, the ferryman in ancient Egyptian mythology. Anti’s role was to grant Horus passage between the human world and their world. Much like Anti, Antaios will allow passage to far away locations in a more cost effective way.

Gateway Galactic is pioneering the new industry of selling fuel in orbit. An innovative feature of Antaios is its space saving design allowing it to be small enough for a single launch, yet large enough to handle the vast quantities of fuel that will be needed.

Propellant offered[edit]

  • Rocket Grade Kerosene - RP1
  • Liquid Hydrogen - LH2
  • Liquid Methane - LCH4
  • Liquid Oxygen - LOX

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