Gathering Speed

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Gathering Speed
BBT Gathering Speed.jpg
Studio album by
Released2004 (2004)
RecordedThe Garden Room & Aubitt Studios
GenreProgressive rock
ProducerAndy Poole, Gregory Spawton, Rob Aubrey
Big Big Train chronology
Gathering Speed
The Difference Machine
Professional ratings
Review scores
DPRP5.5/10 stars[1]

Gathering Speed is the fourth studio album of the English progressive rock band, Big Big Train.[2] It was released in 2004 by Treefrog Records. It is dedicated to the airmen and women who lost their lives in the Battle of Britain. The song The Road Much Further On was originally titled You Can't Draw Love. It was inspired by Spawton's then seven-year-old daughter. The album as a whole was a return to progressive rock for the band. It is the first album in which Sean Filkins recorded vocals, replacing Martin Read. It is also the only album in which Laura Murch recorded vocals, and the only Big Big Train album not to feature any songs solely written by Greg Spawton.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "High Tide, Last Stand" (Spawton, Poole, Hughes, Filkins) – 7:06
  2. "Fighter Command" (Spawton, Poole, Hughes, Filkins) – 10:44
  3. "The Road Much Further On" (Spawton, Poole, Filkins) – 8:39
  4. "Sky Flying on Fire" (Spawton, Poole, Hughes) – 6:04
  5. "Pell Mell" (Spawton, Poole, Hughes) – 6:36
  6. "Powder Monkey" (Spawton, Poole, Hughes) – 9:08
  7. "Gathering Speed" (Spawton, Poole) – 7:23


Guest musicians
  • Laura Murch - vocals


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