Gatineau (band)

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OriginMontreal, Quebec, Canada
GenresCanadian hip hop
Years active2004 (2004)–present
LabelsLa Douve, C4
Capt. Keük
Burne MacPhersound
Dom HameLLL

Gatineau is a Canadian francophone hip hop band from Montreal. The band members are Séba, Capt. Keük, Burne MacPhersound and Dom HameLLL.[1]


Gatineau was founded in 2004.[2] By 2005, the group was performing in Quebec.[1] Their self-titled debut album, was released in 2007;[3] it won the 2008 Félix Award for Best Hip Hop Album.[4] The album was mainly hip hop, but also showed influences of rock, jazz and pop.[5] Also in 2008 the group toured in France and performed at the Quebec Summer Festival.[6][7]

Their 2011 album, Karaoké King, showed a shift to a more electronic sound.[8]


  • Lovesong N2 (2004)
  • Sur ton visage (2005)
  • E.P. L’IntégraLLL (2007)
  • Gatineau (2007)


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