Gavin L. Graham

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Gavin Lynedoch Graham
Born 18 October 1894
Grahamstown, South Africa
Died 17 June 1963
Allegiance  Union of South Africa
Service/branch Cavalry; aviation
Rank Lieutenant

Lieutenant Gavin Lynedoch Graham was a World War I flying ace credited with thirteen confirmed aerial victories. [1]

Graham served with the Hussars from April 1915 through August 1916 before transferring to the Royal Flying Corps. He put in 200 hours flight time as an observer in 70 Squadron before being sent to pilot's training in March 1917. On 14 December, he was assigned to 73 Squadron as a Sopwith Camel pilot. He scored his first win on 3 May 1918, scored steadily, and on 19 July he became an ace. His next victory, two days later, came during a squadron patrol that destroyed a Fokker Dr.I triplane, and was shared with Major Maurice Le Blanc-Smith, Lieutenant William Sidebottom, Lieutenant William Stephenson, Second Lieutenant Robert Chandler, and two other pilots, with every pilot credited with a win. He would not share a triumph again until his eleventh on 8 August; then he teamed with Chandler and Captain Emile John Lussier to destroy an enemy two-seater reconnaissance plane, for his sole win over a two-seater. On the 25th, he destroyed a Fokker D.VII and teamed with another British pilot to drive down another one out of control. Graham finished his war with over 250 flight hours as a pilot, nine destroyed enemy machines to his credit, three enemy fighters driven down out of control, and one enemy plane captured.[1] On 2 November 1918, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross, being lauded as:[2]

A bold and gallant officer, whose success in attacking troops and transport with bombs and machine guns has been marked. He has also proved himself a skilful fighter in the air, having destroyed eight enemy machines and driven down two others out of control.

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