Gdynia Orłowo Pier

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Gdynia Orłowo Pier
Orłowskie molo P1020629 krz.JPG
Molo w Gdyni Orłowie
Official name Molo w Juracie
Type Pleasure Pier
Total length 180 metres (590 ft)
Opening date 1914-1918
Coordinates 54°17′05″N 18°20′07″E / 54.2848°N 18.3354°E / 54.2848; 18.3354Coordinates: 54°17′05″N 18°20′07″E / 54.2848°N 18.3354°E / 54.2848; 18.3354

Gdynia Orłowo Pier (Polish: Molo w Gdyni Orłowie) - a wooden pier located in the coastal borough of Gdynia.[1]

The first pier in Orłowo was built during World War I. The pier functioned as a Pleasure Pier and as a promenade for the nearby resort. The pier was expanded during the 1920s (the region was then part of the Second Polish Republic); the pier had the length of 115 metres and functioned as a jetty for small ships.[2] In the late 1920s, as the popularity of Orłowo grew, so did competition with the nearby resort of Sopot (then part of the Free City of Danzig); which led to the pier being expanded to 430 metres in length. In June, 1935 the resort of Orłowo became a borough of Gdynia.[3]

In 1949, the pier was devastated by a huge storm which destroyed over half of the structure. In 1953, the remainder of the pier was renovated. Currently, the pier has a length of 180 metres.[4]

Nearby to the pier, is located the Summer Stage of the Gdynia Theatre (Scena Letnia Teatru Miejskiego w Gdyni) and the Orłowo Cliff.[5]


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