Gemma (organization)

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Formation 1976
Type Organization for lesbians with disabilities
Purpose Social networking, Support group
Headquarters England
Region served
Official language

GEMMA is a magazine and a social group founded in 1976 whose mandate is to provide a "friendship and support group for disabled lesbians in England."[1]

The organization was founded by members of lesbian organization Sappho and mixed organization Campaign for Homosexual Equality, including Elsa Beckett.[1] Gemma's member newsletter was published in regular print, in braille as well as cassette format.[2][3]

In her essay Unearthing Our Past: Engaging with Diversity at the Museum of London, Raminder Kaur describes a leaflet promoting the activities of Gemma, which is a part of the Museum of London collection, as "crucial to exploring the theme of multiple identities or difference within difference".[4]

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