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Developer(s) ARTech
Initial release 1988; 29 years ago (1988)
Stable release GeneXus 15 (September 26, 2016; 12 months ago (2016-09-26)) [±]
Preview release Non [±]
Written in C#, C++, Prolog
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English, Japanese, Spanish
Type Application framework, Rapid Application Development, Knowledge-based development tool
License Proprietary

GeneXus is a Cross-Platform, knowledge representation-based, development tool,[1] mainly oriented to enterprise-class applications for Web applications, smart devices and the Microsoft Windows platform. A developer describes an application in a high-level, mostly declarative language, from which native code is generated for multiple environments.

It includes a normalization module, which creates and maintains an optimal database structure based on the user views of the reality described in a declarative (rule-based) language.

The languages for which code can be generated include C#, COBOL, Java including Android and BlackBerry smart devices, Objective-C for Apple mobile devices, RPG, Ruby, Visual Basic, and Visual FoxPro.[2]

Most popular DBMSs are supported, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

GeneXus is developed by Uruguayan company ARTech Consultores SRL.[3]

The latest version is Genexus 15, which was released in August 2016.[4]


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