Generalized Appell polynomials

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In mathematics, a polynomial sequence has a generalized Appell representation if the generating function for the polynomials takes on a certain form:

where the generating function or kernel is composed of the series



and all



Given the above, it is not hard to show that is a polynomial of degree .

Boas–Buck polynomials are a slightly more general class of polynomials.

Special cases[edit]

Explicit representation[edit]

The generalized Appell polynomials have the explicit representation

The constant is

where this sum extends over all partitions of into parts; that is, the sum extends over all such that

For the Appell polynomials, this becomes the formula

Recursion relation[edit]

Equivalently, a necessary and sufficient condition that the kernel can be written as with is that

where and have the power series



immediately gives the recursion relation

For the special case of the Brenke polynomials, one has and thus all of the , simplifying the recursion relation significantly.

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