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Geneviève Gaillard (born 13 May 1947 in Niort, Deux-Sèvres), is a French veterinary doctor, politician, member of the French Socialist Party, Socialist Party Deputy for Deux-Sèvres and, since 2008, Mayor of Niort.


Daughter of René Gaillard (1918–1985) who was also Mayor of Niort, Geneviève Gaillard graduated from the École nationale vétérinaire de Toulouse (Toulouse National Veterinary College) in 1972, and obtained a DEA (post-graduate qualification) in microbe ecology in 1983. Her career as a vet continued until 1989, when she became a City Councillor for Niort.

Gaillard is also Vice-President of the French Socialist Party, charged with the environment and social policy. She is noted for her pro-environmental stance.

Geneviève Gaillard was part of the "Coppens commission" who prepared the French Charter for the Environment of 2004.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Zoning to the contract: a strategy for the future. Report to the Prime Minister, in collaboration with Philippe Duron, Paris, La Documentation française, collection of official reports, 2002. ISSN 0981-3764
  • Trade and traffic of dogs and cats, beings, objects from one market to moralize. Information report on the identification of dogs and cats, marketing and supply of COEs, National Assembly, Legislature XI, Commission of the production and trade, the collection documents of the National Assembly, 11-2002. ISSN 1240-831X


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