Genius Wars

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Genius Wars
Author Catherine Jinks
Country Australia
Language English
Series Evil Genius Trilogy
Genre Fantasy, Science fiction
Publisher Allen & Unwin, Australia
Publication date
Preceded by Genius Squad

Genius Wars is the third book of Australian author Catherine Jinks' Evil Genius series, after Evil Genius and Genius Squad. The book's tagline is "It takes a genius to fight a genius". The book is available in both Australia and the United States.


After abandoning a life full of deception and mistrust, fifteen-year-old Cadel has finally found his niche. He has a proper home, good friends, and loving parents. He's even been studying at a real university. But he's still not safe from Prosper English, who's now a fugitive from justice and determined to smash everything that Cadel has struggled to build. When Cadel's nearest and dearest are threatened, he must launch an all-out attack on the man he once viewed as his father. Can Cadel track down Prosper before it's too late? And what rules will he have to break in the process?[1]

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