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Type Private
Headquarters Portland, Oregon, United States
Area served International
Founder(s) Amber Case
Aaron Parecki
Type of site Location-based service
Advertising none
Available in English
Launched 2010
Current status active

Geoloqi is a platform for location-based services, with tools for enterprise, government and mobile developers to add advanced geolocation functionality to apps and devices.


Geoloqi provides a real-time toolkit for tracking, messaging, battery management, geofencing, storage and analytics, with a language agnostic SDK and proprietary API. Geoloqi is a contextually aware platform which enables persistent background location tracking and intelligent battery management. The service can transition between different location sources, such as carrier signals, GPS and Wifi. The platform also provides security settings with simple opt-in and opt-out features to promote good safety and privacy practices. Geoloqi's persistent background location service is powered by a set of algorithms that minimize battery drain on mobile devices.[1]


Geoloqi has sample apps available for iPhone and Android. Developers and non-developers can use the Geoloqi API or "visual trigger editor" to import or add in location-based content that can be subscribed to through "layers".[2] The application supports location-based notes and time-limited private location sharing as well. A user can leave a note to receive when he or she gets to a certain location, for example, a reminder to pick up batteries when at the store. A user can also send a real-time map to a friend or client, to clarify when he or she will arrive.[3] Geoloqi allows users to automatically notify others of their location by sending an automated SMS message to their phones when they get within a certain range.[4]

As of November, 2010, there have been 3 applications built with the Geoloqi API during programming competitions,[5] and Geoloqi's co-founders have won multiple awards for open source government applications using the Geoloqi API.[6][7][8]


In July 2011, Geoloqi was chosen as a recipient of $25,000 in convertible bonds and guidance through the Portland Seed Fund.[9][10][11][12] Geoloqi also received $325,000 in funding and guidance through TiE Oregon (a non-profit entrepreneurial network).[10] In 2012, Geoloqi partnered with Appcelerator Inc to make their geolocation services available to developers using the Titanium platform.[13] On October 15, 2012, Esri announced that it had acquired Geoloqi.[14] As a result of the acquisition, Esri plans to integrate Geoloqi features into ArcGIS Online, gradually deprecate the Geoloqi SDK, and also implement a metered usage pricing system.

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