George Augustus Armes

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George Augustus Armes between 1903-1905
George Augustus Armes in 1917

Major George Augustus Armes (May 29, 1844 – December 18, 1919) was a United States Army officer on the staff of Winfield Scott Hancock who participated in the Battle of the Saline River.[1] He was court-martialed three times.[2]


He was born in Fairfax, Virginia on May 29, 1844 to Josiah Orcutt Armes (1807–1873) and Caroline Olive Older (1801–1862).[3]

He fought in the American Civil War on the side of the Union Army. He participated in the Battle of the Saline River on August 2, 1867.[3] He married Lucy Hamilton Kerr (1851–1927) on October 14, 1874.[3]

In 1900 he wrote Ups & Downs of an Army Officer.[3] In 1902 he was shot by his former tenant.[2] He married Marie Atkinson (1864–1944) on December 24, 1910 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He died on December 18, 1919 in Ventnor City, New Jersey.[1]

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