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George Edwin Bissell (February 16, 1839 – August 30, 1920) was an American sculptor.


Bissell was born New Preston, Connecticut, the son of a quarryman and marble-cutter. During the American Civil War he served as a private in the 23rd Connecticut Volunteers in the Department of the Gulf (1862-1863), and on being mustered out became acting assistant paymaster in the South Atlantic Squadron. At the close of the war he joined his father's marble business in Poughkeepsie, New York.[1]

He studied the art of sculpture abroad in 1875-1876, and lived much in Paris during the years 1883-1896, with occasional visits to America.[1] Bissell also created smaller works, such as a bust of President Abraham Lincoln as well as a larger statue of the president.[2]

Selected works[edit]

Civil War monuments[edit]

Other sculptures[edit]


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