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George "Sugar" Costner (July 22, 1923—October 29, 2002) was a professional boxer. Costner was a major welterweight contender from 1944 to 1950.[1]

Costner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1950, Costner fought Sugar Ray Robinson for the second time, having been knocked out by the great Sugar Ray at 2:55 of the first round on February 14, 1945. Costner, by the time of their second bout had taken to calling himself "Sugar" and stated in the weeks leading up to the fight that he was the rightful deserver of the name. However, Robinson, who is widely considered one of the greatest fighters in history disagreed. "We better touch gloves, because this is the only round," Robinson said as the fighters were introduced at the center of the ring. "Your name ain't Sugar, mine is."[2] Robinson then knocked Costner out in 2 minutes and 49 seconds.[1] Afterward, Robinson reportedly told Costner, "[n]ow go out and earn yourself the name."[3] In his next fight Costner fought future Hall of Famer Kid Gavilan, and won in a controversial 10 round decision. After two more fights, including a 10-round, unanimous decision over future Hall of Famer Ike Williams, Costner retired in 1950 with a 73–11–4 record.[1]


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