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Dr George Giatsis is a Greek volleyball and beach volleyball coach. He has a doctoral on the biomechanics of volleyball and beach volleyball. The title of his thesis is "Biomechanical differences in elite beach-volleyball players in vertical jumps on rigid and sand surface". He also wrote a number of scientific articles and papers concerning beach volleyball,[1] vertical jumps, and volleyball. Giatsis played about 200 tournaments in Greece and internationally. Along with his partner Elias Arabatzis, he held the record for number of medals in Greek beach volleyball. In 1998, they took ninth place in the final at the European Championship in Rhodes.


Giatsis was the coach of Olympian Maria Tsiartsiani from 1999-2003. He was the coach of Theodoros Papadimitriou (second place at FIVB World Championship U18, 2002), Knapek, Mourtzios (fourth place at FIVB World Championship U21, 2002), Mourtzios Panos, Papadopoulou Elina, Dimitriadis Panos, and Terzoglou Georgia (all winners of tournaments in Greece and champions in various categories).

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