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George Jarkesy (born August 1974) is a hedge fund manager, media commentator, and conservative talk radio show host of the George Jarkesy Radio Show.


Jarkesy started his career in the mid-1990s in the financial services industry with a New York Stock Exchange member. Over the past two decades he has been an investor in entrepreneurial growth companies. Jarkesy has originated and/or participated in several hundred investments over the past 20 years, including both debt and equity in private, pre-public and public companies. Jarkesy has founded, invested in and helped to build companies engaged in a broad range of industry sectors,[1] including financial consulting, media, real estate, real estate management, employee leasing, light steel manufacturing, livestock management, technology, natural resources, healthcare and biotechnology.

As an investor and Financial guru, Jarkesy has been a regular guest on shows like the Neil Cavuto show,[2] The Willis Report with Geri Willis,[3] CNBC's Worldwide Exchange,[4] Fox Business's Willis Watch Dogs,[5] Fox's Fox and Friends,[6] CNBC "The Call" with Kudlow [7]

Public Speaker[edit]

Jarkesy has been giving speeches at events such as the Tea Party Rally in Conroe Texas [8] where he encouraged attendees to engage and help get out the word about what is happening to our country and to help get out the vote.

Founder, National Eagles and Angels Association[edit]

Jarkesy is the founder of the National Eagles and Angels Association. The NEAA is a nationwide alliance of investors and business angels that support entrepreneurial growth companies. The organization holds daytime workshops for networking and collaborative breakout sessions; provides mentor-ship services; hosts informative podcasts; and hosts online video conferences for solution sharing. The NEAA has chapters in many cities around the country. With monthly and quarterly meetings, entrepreneur are brought together to present their businesses to investors and business angels. Sometimes business is transacted, but always, good contacts and friendships are made. Oftentimes the angels provide mentorship training to the business owners to steer them in a direction of higher profitability.


Jarkesy was so disappointed with what President Obama was doing to the country, with his unconstitutional Executive Orders, his appointing communists as czars, surrounding himself with advisors with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, closing down coal mines, and with his targeting Conservatives for persecution via the EPA, the IRS, and the SEC that he wrote a song called The Bad Obama Blues [9]


Jarkesy has always been a staunch Republican, and was an Eagle in the Republican party, both donating and bundling large sums of money for candidates up and down the ticket. He spoke out often on the unrest in America, often calling President Obama out for his tactics, being one of the first to call Obama a Communist on air. It was a deep seated dissatisfaction with what Obama was doing to the country that drove Jarkesy to put together a radio show,The George Jarkesy Radio show where He daily raged against the government over reach, about the abuse of power coming from the Whitehouse, about the administration's use of unelected bureaucrats in the EPA, IRS NSA, FBI and other agencies to target those that disagreed with him.

Being a proud Texan, Jarkesy openly embraced Congresman Kevin Brady's MAP Act (Maximizing America's Progress) which was designed to take all of the things that Texas had done right to have the most robust economy in the entire United States (In spite of obama, Jarkesy often noted) and to apply them at the federal level to turn our national economy around and get it back on track.

The Map Act one a frequent topic on The George Jarkesy Radio Show, and it, Sponsor, Congressman Kevin Brady was a regular guest, trying to rally support frm around the country for what several noted economists had called "the most important piece of economic legislation in several decades"

Jarkesy was cautioned more than once about being so out spoken about the Obama Administration. While bloggers and online radio shows often complain, their audience is far smaller than the wide audience that Jarkesy had in nearly a dozen large markets, and several friends, advisors and peers were concerned about Jarkesy making a target of himself while standing up for what he believed in. Being the Broadcast Activist that he is, Jarkesy just continued on, declaring, "If I don't stand up for the little guys, who will?"


Jarkesy has written numerous columns for a wide variety of papers and journals from “Global Warming” RIP, American Economy Needs Relief for,[10] to Solyndra, Solar Dreams, Bankruptcy and More Government Waste for,[11] to Golden Parachutes for the common American, Janet Yellen at the world! for [12] and Marx and Marshall Would Be Proud Of Obama's Attack On Religion for Town Hall's Money World,[13] Will We Have to Tell Our Grandchildren About How America Used to be? for Glenn Beck's The Blaze,[14] Taxapalooza for [15] and Steele got the job done for the Baltimore Sun.[16] While most of his writing was financial or economic in nature, the underlying theme was that the government under president Obama has been doing just about everything wrong for anyone wanting to build a business or grow an investment portfolio. There are few others in the media at his level that are as outspoken about the administration's economic policies and the devastation effect that they have had on out economy under Obama.

The George Jarkesy Radio show[edit]

Jarkesy regularly appears on both radio and TV as a commentator on business and politics on CNBC's Worldwide Exchange,[17] Fox Business's

Jarkesy Launched a nationally syndicated radio show in 2012 on the Wall Street Radio Network owned by Salem Media. The George Jarkesy Radio Show launched on January 9, 2012[18] in five markets nationwide. The show will be bringing a mix of politics and business to Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, Providence (Boston), and Sacramento. Jarkesy will draw upon his vast experience as a serial entrepreneur, investor, and pro-American businessman to provide an insightful and candid overview of the economy, markets, and politics, which affects all Americans and their money. "This is not just another talk show," he states. "I'm excited to bring out the real issues that America is grappling with and come up with real ideas and serious solutions. There will be no mere scratching the surface on The George Jarkesy Show - we will always go in depth and dissect the issues. We will strive to seek the truth in stating our problems, and propose real solutions."

The George Jarkesy Show added Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota radio station KYCR AM 1570 on the Wall Street Business Network is its newest affiliate, on May 7, 2012.[19] The following month, in June 2012, The George Jarkesy Radio Show expanding into the Dallas/Fort Worth area Monday as the show added KVCE AM 1160 to their expanding list of affiliates.[20]

On his radio shows, Jarkesy was known to stand up for the little guy in America, He frequently and boldly spoke out about against government corruption and expansion, pointing out that the EPA was the enemy of the people of the United States,[21] about America's Future and why the United States is Really on the Decline.[22]

Guests on the show have included: Congressman Kevin Brady,[23] Congressman Randy Weber,[24] Senator Chuck Schumer,[25] Charlie Daniels,[26] Dr. Thomas Sowell,[27] Senator Doctor Tom Coburn,[28]

Hedge Fund Manager[edit]

On March 22, 2013, Jarkesy was charged with civil charges of fraud by the SEC. The charges accuse Jarkesy and Thomas Belesis of John Thomas Financial of defrauding investors in two hedge funds. According to the complaint, amongst other things, Jarkesy told investors that he was the fund manager, when in fact a number of decisions were made by Belesis. Additionally, investors were led to believe the funds were audited by KPMG when they were not.[29][30]


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