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George L. San Jose is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the multicultural marketing and advertising agency, The San Jose Group, public relations company SJ Public Relations and international marketing company, San Jose Consulting.

Advertising and marketing career[edit]

He began his professional career three decades ago as an account planner for DMB&B's Spanish Advertising and Marketing Services (SAMS) – a multicultural advertising agency in New York City. He was appointed general manager & executive creative director in 1980.

After working for SAMS for two years, in 1981 he founded The San Jose Group in Chicago, a marketing and advertising agency that specializes in multicultural lifestyle and behavioral marketing solutions to help companies reach the US Hispanic market in more meaningful and measurable ways.[1][2][3] In 2009, Advertising Age ranked The San Jose Group 19th out of the 50 top Hispanic ad agencies.[4]

In 1996, San Jose co-founded the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) and has served the association as both director and treasurer.[2]


A member of The San Jose Network Ltd., SJ Public Relations, was created in 1990. It specializes in crisis and issues management, consumer marketing, health care, and multicultural communications. SJ Public Relations has worked with a number of clients including: Chicago and Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Network, among others.[5][6]


San Jose sits on the board of the Hispanic Christian Churches Association, CAMCO and the U.S. Selective Service System as the Chairman for the U.S. Board of Appeals. He is also a member of Depaul University Deans Advisory Council and has served on the boards of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies and the Economic Club of Chicago.[2][7][8]


San Jose was recognized by the Advertising Federation of Greater Miami in 1993 for his lectures at Advertising Age Seminars and the Se Habla Espanol Annual Conference as well as his creative work for Anheuser-Busch.[9]

Crain's Chicago business has named San Jose to its "Who's Who in Chicago Business list" multiple times from 1990 to 2015.[10]

In 1997, Advertising Age recognized San Jose on its "People On A Roll" list.[11]


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