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George Malcolm-Smith (1901-1984) was an American novelist and jazz musicologist. A 1925 graduate of Trinity College, he hosted a jazz radio program on WTIC-FM in Hartford, Connecticut for many years.

He is the author of eight humorous novels, most with "salty pictures by Carl Rose".

Slightly Perfect (1941)

The Grass is Always Greener (1947)

The Square Peg (1952) [also released as Mugs,Molls and Dr. Harvey in Graphic paperback #104 (1955)]

The Trouble With Fidelity (1957)

If a Body Meet a Body (1959)

The Lady Finger (1962)

Come Out, Come Out (1965)

Dividend of Death (1966).[1]

His first novel was adapted into a Broadway musical in 1945 entitled Are You With It?. The musical was in turn adapted into a 1948 film. During his life he collected a large number of books, periodicals cert programs, and other items related to jazz which were given to the Watkinson Library at Trinity College after his death as dictated in his will.[2]