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George McCoy
Notable works McCoy's British Massage Parlour Guide

George McCoy is the author of McCoy's British Massage Parlour Guide, a guidebook to "massage parlours" in Britain. In fact, the guide is to sexual services, commonly advertised euphemistically as "massage" in the UK because soliciting prostitution is illegal there. Businesses providing actual massage services are not included. He has also written several other guides to sexual services.[1][2][3][4]


McCoy has been writing these guides since 1996. He has appeared on many television shows to discuss sexual services, particularly in 1998 on the UK channel ITV documentary Vice - The Sex Trade, on Channel Five in 2001 in Massage Parlours - The Real McCoy and in 2006 on BBC One in Streets of Vice. He has also appeared on chatshows such as Kilroy, and been interviewed on BBC local radio shows such as BBC Radio Derby in August 2011.

He currently edits eleven different guidebooks, four national guidebooks including McCoy's British Massage Parlour Guide and McCoy's Guide to Corrective Services, and currently seven comprehensive regional guidebooks including in 2012 "McCoy's Guide to the Agencies, Corrective Services and Parlours of London No.1" and "McCoy's Guide to the Working Ladies of London No.1". The last book was seen by the deputy Mayor of London with responsibility for policing, Kit Malthouse, who described it as "repellent" and said he would ask the Met to investigate the legality of the book. [5]


In the summer of 2007 he brought out the 11th edition of his Parlour Guide, and his first national Dominatrix guide the McCoy's Guide to Corrective Services. In most books the entries are split up by county and then subdivided by town, while in the London Guide, the entries are split into regions of London and then postal areas. Each entry lists basic details of establishments or women, such as name, phone number, web address, location, basic prices, availability, and then concludes with a paragraph comprising a resume of interesting features about the establishment or woman.


Most entries are star rated and there are photographs of many of the women. George McCoy has also produced city street plans to London, Birmingham and Manchester showing the locations of all the relevant cities' adult establishments: parlours, gay saunas, adult cinemas,[6] sex shops, swinging clubs and striptease establishments with cartoons indicating their quality and details of each on the reverse side of the map.[7]

Media appearances[edit]

George McCoy has appeared on television several times, including three episodes of The Big Questions on 20 January 2008 in Leeds, 24 May 2009 in Bristol and 1 April 2012 in Bury as well as the Welsh Panorama programme 'Week In - Week Out' which focussed on adult services in Cardiff. He has also appeared on More4 News, Channel 5 News, ITV News and Midlands Today, commenting on the sex industry. George has also been featured in The Economist three times between 1999 and 2013.


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