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George Nicolls (died 11 May 1942) was an Irish politician and solicitor. He was first elected at the 1921 elections for the Galway constituency as a Sinn Féin Teachta Dála (TD) to the 2nd Dáil.[1] In January 1922, he was appointed Assistant Minister for Home Affairs in the Government of the 2nd Dáil.

Following the Anglo-Irish Treaty, he sided with Michael Collins and voted in favour of it. He was re-elected at the 1922 general election as a pro-Treaty Sinn Féin TD.[2] At the 1923 general election, he was re-elected as a Cumann na nGaedheal TD. In the 4th Dáil, he was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence and served from 1925–27. He did not stand at the June 1927 general election.


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