George Pettibone

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George Pettibone
Haywood, Moyer, Pettibone.jpg
1907 photo of (l-r) Charles Moyer, Bill Haywood, and George Pettibone
Died August 3, 1908
Denver, Colorado

George Pettibone (died August 3, 1908) was an Idaho miner. He was convicted of contempt of court and criminal conspiracy in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho labor confrontation of 1899.

He was later implicated in the 1905 assassination of Frank Steunenberg, ex-governor of Idaho, by a confession and testimony from Harry Orchard.

Western Federation of Miners (WFM) general secretary Bill Haywood and WFM president Charles Moyer were also implicated. Haywood was represented by Clarence Darrow, the most renowned defense lawyer of the day, who obtained an acquittal. Pettibone was tried after Haywood, and was defended by Orrin N. Hilton of Denver. Pettibone was also acquitted. Charges against Moyer were dropped.[1]

Pettibone fell ill with cancer during his trial. He returned home to Denver, Colorado, where he died on August 3, 1908, after an operation.[2]


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