George T. Noszlopy

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George Thomas Noszlopy
Born circa 1933
Budapest, Hungary
Died 5 June 2011, age 78
Nationality Hungarian
Alma mater
Occupation Art historian

George Thomas Noszlopy was a Hungarian art historian, based in England from the 1950s,[1] and the author (as George T. Noszlopy) of several books on the public sculpture of the English midlands. At the time of his sudden death on 5 June 2011, at the age 78,[1] he was Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Fellow at Birmingham City University's Institute of Art and Design.[2]

Noszlopy was born in Budapest, Hungary[1] and graduated with a degree in museology (art history and subsidiary subjects) from Eötvös Loránd University in 1956.[1] In October 1956 he was elected to the Revolutionary Committee of the Hungarian Artists' Association, but was arrested shortly after the second Soviet military intervention, the same year.[1] He fled Hungary and lived briefly in Vienna and Paris, then settled in London.[1]

In 1960, after three years study at the Courtauld Institute, he became a teacher at Coventry College of Art, soon moving to Birmingham College of Art.[1] In 1991, following the fall of communism, Eötvös Loránd University awarded him a DPhil summa cum laude.[1] He was a foundation member of the Association of Art Historians.[1]

Adrian Hicken, a professor at Bath Spa University, said in an obituary[1] that Noszlopy had "made notable contributions to the teaching and dissemination of art history in England for almost fifty years".


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  • Note on West’s ‘Apotheosis of Nelson’
  • Public Sculpture of Britain
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