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Georgia Ann Siedenberg Hase (December 31, 1938 - July 31, 2015 [1]) - also known as "Mizz" Georgia Hase - was best known as a heel manager of two prominent roller games teams, the Detroit Devils of the original Roller Games league and Bad Attitude of the syndicated TV series RollerGames and was recognized as the most controversial figure in the history of the game. She had a longtime bitter feud against the legendary Los Angeles Thunderbirds (aka the T-Birds). It was rumored that she tried out for the T-Birds but never got her shot, so went on to skate for, and later manage, the Devils. She put that rumor to rest in an interview done on the debut edition of RollerShoot on the AVE Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio.[1]

RollerGames controversy[edit]

As manager of Bad Attitude, "Mizz" Hase created tremendous controversy when she filed a complaint with the World Alliance of Rollersports (RollerGames' fictional league) commission regarding the induction of Ralphie Valladares (now deceased) into the W.A.R. Hall of Fame, stating that a Hall of Famer could not actively skate. She also said that twin sisters Jennifer and Kristine Van Galder, known the "T-Bird Twins", were drafted as one entity instead of separately and that two other teams initially drafted them. Jennifer wound up going to the Violators and Kristine went to the Maniacs against their wishes until the mess was cleared up when managers Chuck Skull (of the Violators) and John "Guru" Drew (of the Maniacs) physically abused the twins, much to Hase's excitement. Thanks to fans' voting via a "900" telephone number (years before the internet voting we know today), the Van Galders returned to the T-Birds and Ralphie continued to skate after his Hall Of Fame induction.[2]

Hase later tried forcing Valladares to retire by filing a motion for an age limit. This prompted Ralphie to challenge Hase, John "Guru" Drew and "Skull" to a three-on-one match race, which is believed to have never happened due to the bankruptcy of the show's distributor. Bill Griffiths, Sr., the commissioner of RollerGames, however, did state that the league bylaws said only a 2-on-1 match race was permissible.[3] As a result, Skull dropped out of the race, and T-Bird skater Matt "Stars & Stripes" Bickham told Shelley Jamison in an interview that he would keep his eye on Skull.

Out of retirement[edit]

Hase came out of retirement to coach for the Southern California Roller Derby League. On October 13, 2012 Miss Hase Managed her last game for the Brooklyn Red Devils, they beat the San Francisco Bay Bombers 52 to 48 and she won manager of the year.


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