Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory

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Abandoned hot cell building.

The Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory, also known as AFP No. 67, for Air Force Plant 67 was a United States Air Force test facility located in the Dawson Forest in Dawsonville, Georgia. It was the site of Lockheed's lab for investigating the feasibility of nuclear aircraft. The site was used for irradiating military equipment, as well as the forest to determine the effect of nuclear war, and its effects on wildlife. The area was closed in 1971 and acquired by the city of Atlanta for a second airport, but its topography was determined to be ill-suited for an airport. Documents explaining what went on at the site remain highly classified, and the entrance to the underground portion of the facility has been buried. The only objects left above ground were the concrete foundations on which the buildings and reactors were placed.

Please note that it is illegal (criminal trespassing) to visit the actual site. Check requirements for hunting and fishing licenses.

Points of interest[edit]

Blockhouse 34.351169,-84.144011

Pumphouse 34.355899,-84.140347

Rebar hole 34.366323, -84.167891

Tunnel 34.365258, -84.169409


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