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Georgy Alexandrovich Avenarius (Russian: Георгий Александрович Авенариус, 1903 - 1958) was one of the founders of Soviet film criticism.[1]

He was born in a family of intellectuals, and was interested in movie art from the early ages. Avenarius finished the Odessa Actor's studio, then acted in Ukrainian films like "Spartak" (1926), "Taras Tryasilo" (1926) etc. by Perestiani and Chardynin. In 1930 he finished the Odessa film collage, worked as cameramen with Dovzhenko and taught courses in Soviet and foreign film history and theory at Kiev film-institute. Avenarius published his first film-analyses in "Radianskoe kino" and "Proletarskoe kino" journals in 1930's. In 1936 Sergei Eisenstein invited him to Moscow, to organize new courses of Foreign film history at VGIK all-Soviet institute. He also organized the foreign film collection at all-Soviet Fund of films.

Avenarius is an author of many researches, monographs and textbooks. He was known as a specialist on Charles Chaplin's early period.


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