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Gerðuberg in Snæfellsnes
Gerðuberg basalt columns

Gerðuberg (transcribed Gerduberg) is a cliff of dolerite, a coarse-grained basalt rock, located on western peninsula Snæfellsnes and on the western edge of the Hnappadalur valley, 46 km in the north of the town of Borgarnes and 115 km to Reykjavík.[1]

Gerðuberg was formed from flowing basaltic lava, cooled by the sea, solidified in very evenly running columns. These are between 1 and 1.5 m wide and 7 to 14 m high.[2]

Near Gerðuberg[edit]


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Coordinates: 64°51′39″N 22°21′41″W / 64.860699°N 22.36139°W / 64.860699; -22.36139